Submission Guidelines


What I’m looking for: Zines, perzines, and comics on addictions, recovery, & sobriety; creating & critiquing community; femme identity; mental health, disabilities, & illnesses; bodies; sex and/or sex work; self-care; friendship; intersections of race, class, and gender; and okay, unicorns and karaoke. I’ve also got a soft spot for small-town queers and high school dropouts, good storytelling and sweet aesthetics. Your zine does not need to be explicitly political, but I’d still like to know about who you are and where you’re coming from. You can take a look at the catalogue for examples of the kinda zines I’m into.

What I’m not looking for: Feminism 101; riot grrrl; white cis boy problems; oppressive language; zines that retail for more than five dollars (but one-two-three dollars is even better); form letters; illegible handwriting.

How it works: To submit your zine for distro consideration, please mail a copy to Fight Boredom Distro / P.O. Box 113 / Succ. C / Montréal, Québec / H2L 4J7 Canada along with a note telling me your wholesale/retail prices, how you heard of Fight Boredom Distro, and why you feel your zine belongs here. Generally, I will buy anywhere from 10-50 copies at a time, and I’ll pay a 50/50 wholesale rate such as $1.00/copy and sell them for a retail rate of $2.00/copy (or 60/40 depending on postage and whatnot – there are many options to be discussed). I can pay you via Paypal, e-transfer, cash if you’re local, or distro credit. This is a non-profit endeavour – all proceeds stay within the distro and go toward postage, new stock, website maintenance, and the expenses involved with tabling at various zinefests.

A note on prices: In general, zines that retail for more than three dollars will spend a lot more time in storage than in the hands of zine readers. Please keep financial accessibility in mind when pricing your zine, and ask me if you’d like tips on keeping costs low. As well, I have access to cheap photocopies and would be happy to work from a master copy with your permission, which saves everyone money on copies and postage. I’m invested in keeping zines as accessible as possible to broke and poor queers.

Another note on prices: The Canadian dollar is really low right now, like .75 cents to the US dollar. I think that the term 50/50 wholesale is misleading because it implies that I’m making a decent profit, though once you factor in postage and the exchange rate, I’m actually losing money on some of these titles. Just putting that out there. I’d love to write a blog post on distro finances sometime.