Fight Boredom Zine Residency

PLEASE NOTE: As of 2016, residencies are closed. I need time to regain my energy, enthusiasm, and financial stability. Thanks for your interest and patience!

About The Residency: The Fight Boredom Zine Residency was inspired by and modelled after the zine residency that took place at the Roberts Street Social Centre / Anchor Archive in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I participated in their residency in 2012 and was given the resources to make two new zines, throw a donut social as a zine launch party, and explore the city. After years of traveling to various cities for zinefests and the like, I now want to invite far-away zinesters to explore and create in my home base of Montréal, Québec. Aside from residencies, we also share the space with visiting pals and touring bands.

Past residents include Brianna Dearest, Khristina Acosta, Clara Bee Lavery, Comet Crowbar, Katrina Silander Clark, Joan Elizabeth, and Mckenzie Mullen.

How It Works: Anyone can apply, even if you’ve applied in past years, and we may also make special requests to zinesters that we really wanna have here. Send us your application for review. Suggested at least 60-90 days notice on your preferred dates so that we can make sure the room is vacant and that we’ll be here. We’ll probably get back to you with some follow-up questions. If you’re accepted, we’ll work out the dates of your residency and talk about funding. For two weeks to a month, you will find yourself living at Full Homo, a third-story walk-up in Montréal, Québec. You will be provided with your very own furnished bedroom, fun times, and a whole lotta zine supplies. You’re encouraged to bring anything you feel you may need. Although we’re able to provide you with a stipend for travel and supplies, you will be responsible for things like meals and public transportation – but don’t worry, we like to share food and other resources, and we might even be able to find you an extra bike.

About Full Homo: This is a third-story walk-up in St-Henri, the southwest part of the city. It’s a big old apartment with hardwood floors and original mouldings, large windows that provide us with non-stop sunshine and breeze in the summer (okay and a draft in the winter), a balcony, and laundry facilities. This house has seen a rotating cast of queer artists, musicians, and writers over the years – it’s a house with history. It’s also an old building in a historically low-income neighbourhood. The doorknobs are a bit wobbly, the countertop is stained, our balcony door is missing a screen… The place is clean, but it’s also well-worn and well-loved and lived-in. This is our home, open to all, but especially to queers, freaks, misfits, weirdos, artists, punks, and broke travelers.

How To Apply: Copy & paste the questions below and send them (along with your responses, of course!) in the body of an email to Applications are accepted on a continued basis – that means there is no deadline! When applying, please keep in mind that if you live outside of Canada, you’re required to have a passport to enter the country.


1. Contact Information.

2. In a few sentences, please tell us about the project you’d like to work on during your stay. Do you feel that your project fits within the Fight Boredom Distro submission guidelines?

3. Can you give us a brief timeline of your project? What would you like to accomplish during your stay? What is the goal of your project? How do you imagine the finished project? Feel free to include as many details as you’d like.

4. In the end, we might like for you to host a launch party for your project, and/or a skillshare / workshop. Please tell us about some ideas and themes you might have for the final event. Note: This isn’t required, but it can be a fun way to make friends and get your zine out into the world. Of course, it’ll also be distro’d at Fight Boredom.

5. Tell us about yourself! What do you do during the day, what makes you happy, what are some of your favourite books and zines, who and what inspires you, when did you start making zines…? This is also the place to put your bio and any identities you might like to name.

6. Why do you want to participate in the Fight Boredom Zine Residency?

7. Applications are accepted on a continued basis and residencies take place throughout the year. Your residency can be anywhere from two weeks to a month long, depending on availabilities. Is there any particular time period that works best for you? This can be a preferred month or season, or a specific block of dates. Suggested at least 60-90 days notice so that we can make sure the room is vacant and that we’ll be here.

8. Some funding is available for the cost of travel, as well as photocopies and supplies, etc. You’ll be expected to pay for your own food and fun – but don’t worry, we’ll show you around! That said, different kinds of funding options are available. We’ll help you figure out what’s best – we’re happy to pay travel entirely if we’re able to, go splitsies with you, have you pay for travel if you can afford it (which would allow funding for another resident) and simply provide you with space, etc. Let us know how we can make this work for you, and what kind of funding you’ve envisioned. We’re open to ideas!

9. Do you have anything you’d like to add, or any questions for us? We might get back to you with some follow-up questions as well.

10. BONUS ROUND: If you’re able to, please mail zines or other samples of your work to [post office box no longer in use]