New Zines In Stock – Get Yr Orders In This Weekend!


Three minutes before the 6pm closing time of my favourite copy shop last Friday, Mckenzie finished up the latest issue of Swearing In Cursive, right on time to table at Queer Between The Covers, Montréal’s annual queer bookfair. She spent two weeks here as a participant in the Fight Boredom Zine Residency, and wrote a great little perzine that you can find in the S-Z section of the distro catalogue. Swearing In Cursive #5 opens with Mckenzie working in a high-end yarn and fabric store in Oakland, California. A customer asks her about how to make “flattering” clothes for larger bodies – thus provoking her to make this zine, all about existing as a queer fat femme. Fuck flattering! This zine features eight paperdoll-type illustrations highlighting Mckenzie’s wardrobe from the seventh grade, through high school and some major happenings included being made fun of for her body, and losing her clothing to a house fire, then on to college, as she comes out as queer, gets into fat positivity, learns to make her own clothes, and more. This zine is almost entirely handwritten, with a cut-and-paste layout featuring doilies and floral fabrics. Besides that, we spent these two weeks singing at karaoke, exploring a few neighbourhoods, and eating all of the best foods. You can follow me on Instagram for highlights.

I’ve added a lot of new zines to the catalogue over the course of this summer, including the Dig Deep #7 / Tongueswell #3 split, Abstract Door #5, Telegram #37, Girl’s Guts and more. If you get your orders in this weekend, I’ll be able to mail ’em out this Monday the 24th – after that, the distro will be on hiatus until mid-September. I hope this summer is being as good to you as it is to me!


See You At The Queer Bookfair This Weekend!


Come and catch me at Queer Between The Covers, Montréal’s annual queer bookfair, from 11am – 6pm this Saturday at the Centre communautaire de loisirs Sainte-Catherine d’Alexandrie (700 Rue Amherst, métro Berri-UQAM). I’ll be tabling alongside current zine resident Mckenzie Mullen and magical human Clara Bee Lavery, plus a whole host of others.

I’ve added a ton of new zines to the catalogue over the course of the summer, including all three issues of This Is About More Than Who We Fuck (an excellent compilation zine on friendship, romantic relationships, non-monogamy, the place of personal relationships in the struggle against oppression, and unlearning the ways we’ve been socialized to ‘do’ relationships), Deafula #8 (on being a deaf person who is dating a hearing person), Masculinities (a compilation of interviews on the topic by Cindy Crabb of Doris), Abstract Door #5 (a beautiful little zine about Chicago and community and home that really needs to be held in your hands), and – if it shows up in my mailbox today – La Bola De Cristal (a perzine covering topics like polyamory, death & suicide, emotional labour, and notes from a Think And Die Thinking panel on systemic oppression & punk, and internalized oppression through social capital), plus a lotta stuff on addiction & recovery, mental health, and more. See you this weekend!

Zine Residency News – We’ll Soon Be Swearing In Cursive with Mckenzie!

I’m so excited to tell everyone – Mckenzie will be spending a few weeks in August as a participant in the Fight Boredom Zine Residency! We’ve gotten to know each other through our zines and letters over the past few years, and I’m looking forward to spending time together outside of the busy-ness of zinefests. While here, she’ll be working on the latest issue of her perzine Swearing In Cursive, including some writing on her job at a high-end fabric and yarn store and the intersection of capitalism / feminized labour / “women’s work”, as well as keeping a journal, avoiding the internet, and checking out the city. We’ll have just caught her after her move from Oakland, CA to Boston, MA, and I imagine we’ll have a lot to talk about in terms of comparing cities, concepts of home, and uhhh OkCupid dates in our respective cities.

Mckenzie is a queer, fat, femme, latin@ cis woman. In addition to knitting and zines, she’s into cooking and sharing food, singing (oh can we please go to karaoke together??), and dancing around her room to cute songs about crushes. When asked about her favourite zines and what makes her happy, Mckenzie responded:

“During my last year of high school, I was introduced to Amber’s zines Culture Slut and Fight Boredom, Maranda‘s zine Telegram, and Tukru‘s zine Your Pretty Face Is Going Straight To Hell through their respective blogs. My introduction to zines was really profound. They were my introduction to feminism, queerness, and discussions about mental health and social justice. Although it took me about five years to make my first zine, it was the first community that I felt a connection with. Recently, after years of knitting and only months of sewing, I began the process of creating my own wardrobe. Making my own clothes teaches me technical skills, allows me to create clothes that fit my fat bod, and gives me the option to choose ethically sourced fabric and manufacturing options. My connections with the zine and textile communities ebb and flow, but they have fostered, (and continue to foster!), amazing growth in me and for that I am grateful.”




You can find more at Etsy and Instagram, and you can catch Mckenzie and I tabling together at Queer Between The Covers (Montréal’s annual queer bookfair) on Saturday, August 15th from 11am – 6pm at the Centre communautaire de loisirs Sainte-Catherine d’Alexandrie, 700 Rue Amherst, métro Berri-UQAM. (Photos above taken by Kennedy Mullen).

Someday You Will Ache Like I Ache: A Zine About Internalized Sexism


Joan is now the third person to participate in the Fight Boredom Zine Residency in 2015. She visited us from Halifax and spent three weeks of April here with us, working on a zine about internalized sexism. She begins by writing about a relationship that she was recently involved in, wherein she was asked to be non-monogamous. This was attempted in different ways, and she wasn’t happy, but would always default to what her male partner wanted. She came to see this as one of the many occasions in which she would go against her own will or desires in order to impress men – not just her partner, but acquaintances, co-workers, etc. The first half of the zine focuses on these interactions, and the latter half is more about how she is confronting these attitudes within herself and unlearning these patterns – with the help of a few of my favourite writers, including bell hooks and Anaïs Nin. This is a really thoughtful zine, and a brave one to write.

We skipped the launch party this time around, but you can order the zine on this very website for $1.00 + postage, or catch Fight Boredom Distro at the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday, May 23rd and Queer Between The Covers on Saturday, August 15th.

✿✿✿THE RIGHT TO A SPRING✿✿✿ Zine Launch & Show at CATS

Flier by Katrina, Rose, and Jane

Flier by Katrina, Rose, and Jane

March 25 / 7-11pm / $5.00 PWYC
CATS / 137 rue St-Ferdinand rm. 263 / follow the pawprints

wrapped too tightly for blood to flow, skin hidden from the wind

we’re asked to scale back, take cuts, to taper our flares in the name of purported scarcity, deny adornment, expression in favor of frigid nonchalance, whilst the moneyed and carefully coiffed men of industry can strut their straight legged confidence in solemn complicity with the sleet that crashed through our dewy spiderweb of a social safety net and encased our amps in ice, naturalizing the toxic drifts of masculine reserve that pile over our infrastructures of care and education, hoping we might lose sight of our warmth, our sisterhood, in the blizzard, let cold waves wash over us and accept such a chilling future.

it’s been a long winter.

oh agents of austerity, retreat ~~~
we have


coiled, ready to strike,
melt what towers over us

FIGHT BOREDOM RESIDENCY ZINE RELEASE for Katrina’s ROT #6 and Rose Ghostly’s Impossible Creatures #4 and KSRRK’s Icon Factory #2.


CITADEL (occultish empower electronics) / HARBINGERS (first show, sloppy gothic synth punk) / JANE HARMS (performing the animist bag ritual of the autumn 2014 West Coast tour 1 time only in Montreal) / Installation by URLIRL and screening of short film: BANQUET (3 way ceremony of gross decadence in our own backyard) (Providence, RI)

All funds to benefit CATS, a new, dearly needed social space in the southwest of Montreal. Facebook event here.

Zines, Comics & Crypto: Zine Release Party & Double Workshop / Feb. 1st

Zines, Comics & Crypto: Zine Release Party & Double Workshop
Sunday, Feb. 1st, 1-4pm @ Foulab, 999 du Collège, Suite 33B (2nd floor), metro Place St-Henri. Facebook event here.


After traveling from Berlin and spending a month in Montréal with the Fight Boredom Zine Residency, zinester and activist Comet Crowbar is ready to release issue #15 of her zine, Infecticitis. This 3-hour hangout session is in two parts:

1-2pm Drawing & Comics workshop (Lynda Barry style)
During this hour we’ll play some drawing games, make comics, loosen up and get silly, and try to erase the idea of “but I can’t draw!” from our minds. Everyone can draw, and that’s what we’re gonna do. Bring your favorite pens and crayons (some paper and pens will be provided).

2:30-3:30 Introduction to PGP Email Encryption
First we will discuss why surveillance is harmful and affects everyone, and try to dismantle the apathetic idea of “but I have nothing to hide” as an excuse. Then we’ll explain the difference between symmetrical vs. asymmetrical cryptography, what a “keypair” is, how to verify your key, and what programs are needed to get it running on your computer. This workshop is coming from the understanding that it can be quite intimidating to learn all this “computer stuff” if you’re not that tech-savvy. We will smash that idea by making this a safer-space to ask questions, share knowledge, and use accessible language that everyone can understand. I am not an expert but I am happy to share what I know. Crypto is your friend! (FemHack will also be getting into this in a workshop a week later).

You will also find: Snacks, tea, nooks for reading/chatting and lots of zines! Come pick up a hot-off-the-press copy of Infecticitis #15 and Comet’s recent book, Tumble the Boulder – The Surveillance State and the American Empire. There will be a table of zines by queers, feminists, and anarchists from Fight Boredom Distro and a selection of zines on digital security from Comet’s Raumschiff Distro.

About the facilitator: Comet Crowbar is a white cis queer lady and is a co-founder and organizer of the Zine Fest Berlin. She’s passionate about self-publishing, cryptography, plants and weaving. Come say hi.

This event is a safer-space. This event is a safer-space. A “safer space” means that we don’t tolerate any form of oppression or harassment, such as sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia and other such BS! Please be respectful to each other and ask consent before you touch someone. Children are welcome, but as Foulab contains power tools and other hazards, they must be closely supervised by an adult for safety reasons.

Unfortunately the space is not wheelchair accessible.

Zine Residency News – Au Revoir Clara, Bonjour Comet!

In just a few days, another zine residency is set to begin. This month, we’ll be welcoming Comet into our home. She’ll be using her three weeks here to reflect on her two homes of Berlin, Germany and Boston, MA while taking a break from both of them. Tasks on the to-do list include compiling the fifteenth issue of Infecticitis, working on a resource guide for putting organizing ideas into action, interviewing people who are working on their own radical projects, and hosting a cryptoparty.

Comet recently published a book called Tumble the Boulder – The Surveillance State and the American Empire, and writes a perzine series called Infecticitis, which covers topics such as mental health and winter survival, hiking through the US, living autonomously, and DIY philosophy. She runs Raumschiff Distro and is a co-founder of the Berlin Zinefest. I’m really looking forward to meeting her and working alongside her for the month of January!



In other zine residency news, Clara made her way back to Toronto on December 30th, after two glorious weeks at Full Homo. We’d known each other through zines for years, but this was the most time we’d ever spent together, and it came right down to us saying the same words at the same time, picking up the same books at Drawn & Quarterly, trying on the same clothes at thrift stores, choosing the same cereal at the grocery store, showing off the same dance moves onstage at karaoke. She did a couple of really meaningful tarot readings for me, constantly reaffirmed me when I showed low self-confidence, and she even began learning French. I couldn’t be happier, but I miss her already. Thank you to everyone who came out to the launch party on Sunday, to everyone who encourages me toward living my dream life, and to Clara for everything.

Clara’s new zine We Don’t Go Nowhere is now available via Fight Boredom Distro, and I’ll soonly have back issues of Radio Antarctica and other titles in stock.


If you’d like to apply to the zine residency, or suggest it to a friend, there’s more info here. Here’s to 2015 continuing on a wave of creativity and follow-through.