Total Betty, Photobooths, and No Zines

It’s been a full two years since I retired from Fight Boredom Distro, and I still don’t regret it. But I’ve kept paying for this domain (a very, very small amount of money tbh) in case I ever wanna use it for something else one day, so I may as well write a little update about my life. When I first decided to quit, I was worried that I’d feel lost without a creative (or collaborative) project to work on – but then I started a band! We’re called Total Betty and we just put out our second EP, which you can listen to here. I’ve been describing it as fun & funny post-punk songs about anxiety, insomnia, seasonal depression, ⁓classic⁓ depression, internalized misogyny, and junk food. Our EP release show was maybe the most fun show we’ve ever played, and by some stroke of luck, a few university radio stations have been playing our songs, too!


Total Betty EP release show flier, made by Amber Dearest


Le Lendemain by Total Betty, on cassette, artwork by Cee Lavery

Earlier in the year, I was interviewed by CBC’s Julia Caron about my love of analog photobooths, and she recorded on location at the very last analog photobooth in Montreal’s metro system, at Place-des-Arts (alongside Meags Fitzgerald, who is a photobooth artist among many other trades, and made the excellent graphic novel Photobooth: A Biography; and Jeff Grostern, president of Auto Photo, which owns and operates most of the remaining photobooths in Canada). You can read the resulting piece called iPhones Killed The Photobooth here, and listen to the radio version, The Last Photobooth in Québec, here (just scroll down to May 15th, 2019).

For those who are wondering, the booth at Place-des-Arts is apparently supposed to be gone by the end of the year (really really this time), and there remains one functional analog booth in the city, at North Star Machines à Piastres (slightly modified, since the iconic photo strips we’ve come to know and love are no longer manufactured). My original, and now extremely outdated map, can be viewed here.


Feel Trip flier, by Myer Mendelson

Zine-wise, I have been very quiet, but I did participate in this semi-secret mountainside reading early in the summer, which started me feeling a tiny bit excited about writing again. Otherwise, my life has been: weekly band practice, volunteering at a food bank, therapy, karaoke, going to shows, making kombucha, vermicomposting, tending to my tiny garden, reading many books, and making a small paper newsletter to mail to friends. I would really like to start a second band and to learn how to drive, but those plans are in their baby beginnings right now.

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