Critical Breakfast #2 and a Montreal Photobooth Map!

Been passing it out among friends, but just finally updated the website so you can order Critical Breakfast #2 if yr into it. $1.00 plus postage. It’s listed under Zine A-I and you can check out How To Order to procure a copy.

Every year, I do a Fun-A-Day project to pass the time and have something to look forward to during the winter. For 2016, I decided to track as many photobooths in Montreal as I could – which turned into a bigger project of visiting every metro station in the city, and poking around malls in the early mornings before there’s much of a crowd. In the end, I tracked the remaining analog booths (which are rapidly disappearing – at least three gone in the months before I began the project), and the various digital booths that exist. This is a tiny little zine about my love of photobooths, and about winter survival in general, and contains a fold-out map of the Montreal metro system that shows every photobooth I found, a list of books I read while riding the metro, and a few fun resources. Recommended if you live in Montreal, or are planning on visiting. 

If you’re local, I’ll also trade for your own zine, a mixtape, or a non-alcoholic drink.



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