New Zines In Stock – Get Yr Orders In This Weekend!


Three minutes before the 6pm closing time of my favourite copy shop last Friday, Mckenzie finished up the latest issue of Swearing In Cursive, right on time to table at Queer Between The Covers, Montréal’s annual queer bookfair. She spent two weeks here as a participant in the Fight Boredom Zine Residency, and wrote a great little perzine that you can find in the S-Z section of the distro catalogue. Swearing In Cursive #5 opens with Mckenzie working in a high-end yarn and fabric store in Oakland, California. A customer asks her about how to make “flattering” clothes for larger bodies – thus provoking her to make this zine, all about existing as a queer fat femme. Fuck flattering! This zine features eight paperdoll-type illustrations highlighting Mckenzie’s wardrobe from the seventh grade, through high school and some major happenings included being made fun of for her body, and losing her clothing to a house fire, then on to college, as she comes out as queer, gets into fat positivity, learns to make her own clothes, and more. This zine is almost entirely handwritten, with a cut-and-paste layout featuring doilies and floral fabrics. Besides that, we spent these two weeks singing at karaoke, exploring a few neighbourhoods, and eating all of the best foods. You can follow me on Instagram for highlights.

I’ve added a lot of new zines to the catalogue over the course of this summer, including the Dig Deep #7 / Tongueswell #3 split, Abstract Door #5, Telegram #37, Girl’s Guts and more. If you get your orders in this weekend, I’ll be able to mail ’em out this Monday the 24th – after that, the distro will be on hiatus until mid-September. I hope this summer is being as good to you as it is to me!

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