✿✿✿THE RIGHT TO A SPRING✿✿✿ Zine Launch & Show at CATS

Flier by Katrina, Rose, and Jane

Flier by Katrina, Rose, and Jane

March 25 / 7-11pm / $5.00 PWYC
CATS / 137 rue St-Ferdinand rm. 263 / follow the pawprints

wrapped too tightly for blood to flow, skin hidden from the wind

we’re asked to scale back, take cuts, to taper our flares in the name of purported scarcity, deny adornment, expression in favor of frigid nonchalance, whilst the moneyed and carefully coiffed men of industry can strut their straight legged confidence in solemn complicity with the sleet that crashed through our dewy spiderweb of a social safety net and encased our amps in ice, naturalizing the toxic drifts of masculine reserve that pile over our infrastructures of care and education, hoping we might lose sight of our warmth, our sisterhood, in the blizzard, let cold waves wash over us and accept such a chilling future.

it’s been a long winter.

oh agents of austerity, retreat ~~~
we have


coiled, ready to strike,
melt what towers over us

FIGHT BOREDOM RESIDENCY ZINE RELEASE for Katrina’s ROT #6 and Rose Ghostly’s Impossible Creatures #4 and KSRRK’s Icon Factory #2.


CITADEL (occultish empower electronics) / HARBINGERS (first show, sloppy gothic synth punk) / JANE HARMS (performing the animist bag ritual of the autumn 2014 West Coast tour 1 time only in Montreal) / Installation by URLIRL and screening of short film: BANQUET (3 way ceremony of gross decadence in our own backyard) (Providence, RI)

All funds to benefit CATS, a new, dearly needed social space in the southwest of Montreal. Facebook event here.

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