Zine Residency News – Au Revoir Clara, Bonjour Comet!

In just a few days, another zine residency is set to begin. This month, we’ll be welcoming Comet into our home. She’ll be using her three weeks here to reflect on her two homes of Berlin, Germany and Boston, MA while taking a break from both of them. Tasks on the to-do list include compiling the fifteenth issue of Infecticitis, working on a resource guide for putting organizing ideas into action, interviewing people who are working on their own radical projects, and hosting a cryptoparty.

Comet recently published a book called Tumble the Boulder – The Surveillance State and the American Empire, and writes a perzine series called Infecticitis, which covers topics such as mental health and winter survival, hiking through the US, living autonomously, and DIY philosophy. She runs Raumschiff Distro and is a co-founder of the Berlin Zinefest. I’m really looking forward to meeting her and working alongside her for the month of January!



In other zine residency news, Clara made her way back to Toronto on December 30th, after two glorious weeks at Full Homo. We’d known each other through zines for years, but this was the most time we’d ever spent together, and it came right down to us saying the same words at the same time, picking up the same books at Drawn & Quarterly, trying on the same clothes at thrift stores, choosing the same cereal at the grocery store, showing off the same dance moves onstage at karaoke. She did a couple of really meaningful tarot readings for me, constantly reaffirmed me when I showed low self-confidence, and she even began learning French. I couldn’t be happier, but I miss her already. Thank you to everyone who came out to the launch party on Sunday, to everyone who encourages me toward living my dream life, and to Clara for everything.

Clara’s new zine We Don’t Go Nowhere is now available via Fight Boredom Distro, and I’ll soonly have back issues of Radio Antarctica and other titles in stock.


If you’d like to apply to the zine residency, or suggest it to a friend, there’s more info here. Here’s to 2015 continuing on a wave of creativity and follow-through.

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