Summer Hiatus / Summer Tour

Greetings from Portland, Oregon! I’m spending the week here with friends, and then heading out on tour with Xtramedium and Bad Hex – with Fight Boredom Distro in tow, of course. Dates are listed here, and if you see anything that says “help” and you happen to live in that city and wanna book us a show, please get in touch. Or you know, if you just wanna hang out. See ya on the west coast!

P.S. I’m not filling zine orders while I’m away, but you can find me at the shows listed above, and at the Portland Zine Symposium on August 10th and 11th.

8 thoughts on “Summer Hiatus / Summer Tour

    • I would like to, but a lot of the shows are being booked last minute. A friend is updating the tour event listing with dates/venues pretty much daily, but I won’t be online much during tour and won’t be able to make updates to my blog. I think the event listing is public though? So you don’t need to have an account to be able to see it.

      • facebook’s getting very persnickety, so even “public” events aren’t necessarily viewable without an account. when i click on that link, it tells me to log in before i can see the page at all. but i understand what yr sayin :) to be specific, i wonder if yr passing through vancouver…

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