Reasons To Order Zines From Fight Boredom Distro – Right Now!

1. The website will be on hiatus from October 16th until the New Year – so this is your last chance!
2. Every order placed this week will come with a free copy of Teacups & Typewriters, the Tulip Farm newsletter.
3. I’ve just added a whole bunch of zines to the catalogue – check out the news here!
4. I’m about to go travelin’ and every little bit helps.
5. It’s my birthday and it’ll make me happy.

3 thoughts on “Reasons To Order Zines From Fight Boredom Distro – Right Now!

  1. Just received my Credit Card, too baaaaaad it’s 2 days late!! Since I was waiting it for months!!
    Can’t wait till your come-back, my list is already ready!!
    Let me know if you stop by Paris before / after visiting Giz and need a couch or just wanna hang out, it would be a pleasure!

    Enjoy your trip§
    And a nice birthday!


  2. damn! i missed my chance. well, i guess it’d be nice to buy myself a new years gift. the money will still get to you while you’re on your trip, yeah?

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