Halifax, I’m Coming To See You! (You Too, Sappyfest).

The rumours are true, I am one of this year’s lucky participants in the zine residency at the Roberts Street Social Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. For the last two weeks of July, I’ll be living in a shed and making a zine (and hopefully eating pizza and swimming in the ocean and exploring the city, if you’ll join me).

I wanna bring zines to you! If you’d like to order zines and avoid postage costs, just send me a list of what you’d like. I’ll let you know the total and you can pay me in person and we can drink tea together and it’ll be lovely.

As well, I’ll be tabling at the zine fair at Sappyfest in Sackville, New Brunswick (Saturday, August 4th, 12-5 pm, upstairs at the Royal Canadian Legion). Because I’m traveling with a backpack and not much else, I’ll only have a select few titles available. Your best bet if you’re on the East Coast is to pre-order – you’re guaranteed to get the zines you want, and you’ll be helpin’ out a broke zinester.


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