Submission Guidelines

Submit Your Zine For Distro Consideration

To submit your zine for distro consideration, please mail a copy to me along with a note telling me your wholesale/retail prices, how you heard of Fight Boredom Distro, and why you think your zine fits within the distro catalogue. Generally, I will buy anywhere from 10-50 copies at a time, and I’ll pay a 50/50 wholesale rate like $1.00/copy and sell them for a retail rate of $2.00/copy, with all of the money staying within the distro and going toward new stock, postage, website maintenance, and the expenses involved with tabling at various zinefests. A note on prices: In general, zines that retail for more than three dollars will spend a lot more time in the distro trunk in my bedroom than in the hands of zine readers. Please keep financial accessibility in mind when pricing your zine, and ask me if you need any tips on obtaining cheap photocopies. And for the love of goodness, please do not send me a form letter!

I’m into zines written by queers, feminists, and anarchists on a handful of topics, which are listed on the header of this very website. These days, I’m especially into writing on sobriety, addiction & recovery, friendship and its radical possibilities, femme identity, and ruminations on the idea of home, though I’m of course open to all sorts of writing. I don’t do Feminism 101, I’m not terribly interested in hearing from white cis men, and I don’t read PDF submissions.

If you’d like to mail zines for consideration, you can send ‘em to:

Amber Dearest
5051 rue Turcot
Montréal, Québec
H4C 1L2 Canada