Last updated December 24th, 2014.


New: Pansy #10-#11; MIXD: A Mixed-Race Compilation Zine; Motor City Kitty #23-#24.5; The Barf Zine; The Collected Scathings of Ioana Poprowka; If Destroyed Still True #6: Iraqi Kurdistan Edition; Sex Industry Apologist #1-#2; Rum Lad #6/Gadgie #31; Awesome Possum Jet #1 & #4.

Back In Stock: Vanity Zine; Broke Ass #2-#4; Queer Sailor Moon Fanfiction Saved My Life; PALS: The Radical Possibilites of Friendship; Deafula #7; Contre l’Amour.

Coming Soon: What To Keep, What To Give Away #2; Abstract Door #4; Poor Lass; Juggling The Rainbow; Tomorrow’s Machine Today #3. For more information on how to submit your own work for distro consideration, click on Submission Guidelines.


I’ll be taking it easy this winter and likely won’t be tabling anywhere until the Chicago Zine Fest in March. However, there’ll be two or three zine residencies happening at my place, so there are plenty of new zines to come!

Fight Boredom Zine Residency: It’s back and better than ever! Check out the description and application here.