Cassette Tapes

Copy Scams / $3.00 / 55g
A band of zinesters singing super sweet pop-punk songs about zines. Featuring Alex Wrekk, Paul Burke, Marc Parker, and Steve Larder. I don’t think I need to say any more than that. Tracklisting: 1. This Is The Intro… 2. Stuff & Things 3. One*One*One*One 4. 24-Hour Zine Challenge

Force Quit & Fail Better split tape / $5.00 / 55g
DIY hardcore outta Toronto and sweet pop punk from Montréal, singin’ about shit that you oughta care about. Tracklist: (Force Quit) 1. No Ally 2. Punk As Colonialism 3. T.O.P. 4. No Thanks 5. Bouts 6. Bodily Domain (Fail Better) 1. Blanket Forts (And Broken Knee-Caps) 2. Revolting Bodies 3. We Are At War 4. Make Total Annoy 5. For Some Things / Against Most Things