Hi, I’m Amber! I grew up in a small town called Lindsay, Ontario and began making zines with my twin in early 2003, at seventeen years old, then started Culture Slut a year later. It’s a perzine that was heavily influenced by riot grrrl culture and teenage feminists, though I find that my ideas and motivations for creating zines are constantly changing. There are twenty-five issues, with the latest having been released in November 2011. I am currently working on an anthology of Culture Slut. I started making my comp zine, Fight Boredom, in 2007 after hearing too many people complain of small town boredom – my theory is, only boring people get bored. I also make a perzine called The Triumph Of Our Tired Eyes, and recently finished a bilingual mini-zine called Kurt Cobain Était Féministe / Kurt Cobain Was A Feminist, about my childhood discovery of feminism via grunge.

As much as I tried to love my hometown and be part of an important local scene, my wanderlust and desire for a change of scenery brought me to Montréal in January of 2009 and I’ve since been making new friends, learning French, participating in paid research studies, writing letters and keeping journals, drinking tea, daydreaming, stayin’ posi, and traveling whenever I can. I’m currently working on numerous projects, including a new perzine series titled Please, a review zine titled Pizza Date, and running Fight Boredom Distro, hosting Quiet Parties every Sunday, volunteering at both the Ste-Émilie Skillshare and the Union For Gender Empowerment, and you know, takin’ care of myself.

Contact Info
Amber Dearest
3907 Boul. Lasalle
Verdun, Québec
H4G 2A1 Canada

fightboredomdistro @ gmail.com


Only Boring People Get Bored
Or, The Fight Boredom Manifesto

We will fight boredom with action, ideas and creativity. We will fight boredom with feminism, friend dates and crafternoons. We will fight jealousy and girl-hate and all the -isms and phobias in our communities. We will fight boredom by encouraging one another and maintaining positive friendships. We will fight the winter blues with long conversations, hot drinks and new adventures. We will have picnics in the springtime. We will fight boredom with bike rides, cupcakes, and trips to the library. We will write letters and we will not be afraid to cart our typewriters long distances. We will be critical of the mainstream. We will not be afraid to look ridiculous. When our acquaintances complain of boredom, we will do our best to help them fight it (or perhaps get drunk and remind them that only boring people get bored). We will fight boredom with our own zines and manifestos – WRITE YOUR OWN!

Il y a juste les gens ennuyants qui s’ennuient
Ou, le Manifeste Fight Boredom

Nous combattrons l’ennui par l’action, les idées et la créativité. Nous combattrons l’ennui par le féminisme, les sorties entre amis, et les après-midis de création. Nous combattrons la jalousie et la haine-des-filles, et tous les « ismes » et les phobies qui font rage dans nos communautés. Nous combattrons l’ennui en s’encourageant l’une-l’autre et en maintenant une amitié positive. Nous combattrons la déprime de l’hiver par de longues conversations, des liquides chauds et de nouvelles aventures. Nous ferons des pique-niques durant le printemps. Nous combattrons l’ennui avec des randonnées à vélo, des petits gâteaux, et des visites à la bibliothèque. Nous écrirons des lettres et nous n’aurons jamais peur de trimballer notre machine à écrire sur une longue distance. Nous serons critiques du courant dominant. Nous n’aurons jamais peur d’avoir l’air ridicule. Lorsque nos proches se plaindront de l’ennui, nous ferons de notre mieux pour les aider à le combattre (ou bien nous nous saoulerons avec eux en leur rappelant que seulement les gens ennuyants s’ennuient). Nous combattrons l’ennui avec nos propres zines et manifestes – ÉCRIT-LE!