Fight Boredom & Stay Cozy

Family time with Maranda Elizabeth and Mommie Dearest.

Here I sit at my kitchen table, which is pretty much my favourite place to be. Just got home from a bike ride… a bike ride in the snow. It was the perfect snow, the kind where there are flurries in the air, but they’re not yet ready to stay on the ground. I brought some zines to a friend and he said, “You’re having your magical winter moment.” That I am. I like the first snow, I like the beginnings of a new season in general, but like I said to the postal clerk that I bought my stamps from this afternoon, « Après quelques semaines là je suis tannée de la neige. » Still, I am looking forward to this winter, oddly enough, and here is my game plan: eat well, read lots, stay cozy.

I just spent three weeks in my home province, more time than I’ve spent there since I moved to Québec nearly four years ago. I alternated between my mom’s home in Fenelon Falls, Dave Cave’s new house in Lindsay, and Maranda’s place in Guelph. I had literally zero obligations while I was there, and spent most of my time reading books, writing in my journal, and practicing making comics. There were good thrift scores to be found, tasty food to be eaten, and many conversations to be had. (I know what you’re thinking: But weren’t you supposed to be in England?! Well yes, but there was a slight change in plans and I’M GONNA MAKE A ZINE ABOUT IT OKAY).

Dave Cave took care of me while I was in Lindsay. He greeted me in the mornings with lemon water and vitamins, then we’d make a to-do list for the day. When he came home from work, I’d say, “How was your day, dear?” and we were basically a married couple for the week. His dining room became my favourite place in Lindsay, more of a writing nook than anything else.

I’m still riding on the posi vibes that I picked up while visiting friends and family in Ontario. I’m spending my time doing the things that I always do: reading zines, writing letters, riding my bike. I feel optimistic about the upcoming winter.

Fight Boredom Distro News: 1) I’ll be updating the distro with a whole bunch of new stock soon, including Skinned Heart #4, Pinch Kid #2 – #3, Rot #4, Live To Win, Everybody Moon Jump #8, Hungry, Radio Antarctica, SCAM #9, 6 Ans De Pouce: L’ordinaire & L’extraordinaire and a few books – Telegram: A Collection Of 27 Issues, a zine anthology by Maranda Elizabeth, the Shotgun Seamstress anthology, and the SCAM anthology of the first four issues.

2) Last month, I was interviewed by The Link about the Fight Boredom Zine Residency. Can’t wait to have new residents next spring!

3) I’m tabling with the distro at a house show in Verdun next weekend, please stop by! The Facials and Vile Intent are so fucking good. Facebook event here.

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