Sunday Morning Caffeine High

LIBRA: September 21 – October 20

Too much nothing has you wanting to ground yourself in things that are real. The next few weeks will call you to organize and stabilize your support systems and the relationships that keep them going. If you can manage to settle in and focus it will free you up to fly off and explore other opportunities as soon as they open up. For the first time in a long time you have a chance to make something happen. The fact that others happen to be there for you is a miracle. If two heads really are better than one your next project will turn out to be a total success.

Real Detroit Weekly horoscopes are where it’s at. I’m still doing med studies (see Culture Slut #25), and they still make me happy. Last night I came home with a cheque that’s gonna cover my bills for spring, and I baked a batch of cupcakes and made a plan to Get Shit Done. I might even treat myself to a postage scale and a fancy new tattoo. And now I’m on a ridiculous caffeine high – drinking coffee with Hari, listening to Patrick Watson on the radio, and riding our bikes down Notre-Dame in the sunshine was pretty much the perfect way to begin the day. And all before nine-thirty on a Sunday morning! Let me tell y’all what I’ve been up to…

Writing letters on the balcony with Sebastian.

Gummi pizza date, photo by Hari.

Parc René-Lévesque à LaSalle. Vincent and I rode our bikes all the way along the Lachine Canal to where it finally meets with the St-Lawrence River. What a picnic!

Vincent Wilde and his tall bike.

I changed my name to Amber Dearest. The other day, I met my mail carrier. He rang the buzzer because someone sent me a letter that required a signature. When I came down to the door, he asked, “Is Dearest your real name, or are you just a dear?” I laughed and told him it was a nickname, and he said, “Amber Dearest, you sure get a lotta love letters!” He said he was excited to finally see what I look like. I think I’m gonna start leaving cookies and stuff at the door for him, he seems real nice. Anyway, I’ve started going by a nickname mostly for the sake of making my legal name a little less Google-able. I kinda wish I’d used a pseudonym a long time ago, but I guess I didn’t realize the internet was gonna be such a thing when I started making zines ten years ago. Uh, I also didn’t think I’d make zines for this long, or that I would turn into a Real Life Adult, so there you go. I also just feel like it’s time for a fresh start. I’m gonna make the last issue of Culture Slut soon, then start a new series. Get better at writing. Focus more on the distro. Live life more intentionally.

I’ve been sober for six months. Two weeks ago marked six months of sobriety for me. This is the longest I’ve ever gone without drinking since I was seventeen years old (I’ll be twenty-seven in October, if you’re keeping track). I’m not entirely sure what to say about it, but I’m fucking proud of myself and I wanna tell everyone. Most of the time it’s easy, sometimes it’s difficult. I’ve written a bit about it here, here, here, and here. I never wake up with a hangover, and I never wake up with regrets. I have friends who have never even seen me drunk! And because I don’t have alcohol to help me along in social situations, I’ve been doing things like signing up for karaoke and volunteering for kissing booths in order to get over my shyness. Indeed, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to Make Things Happen and I’m fucking doin’ it!

I got accepted to the Roberts Street Social Centre zine residency. Fuck yeah!!! I’ll be spending the last two weeks of July in Halifax, Nova Scotia – makin’ zines, makin’ friends, and having the Best Summer Ever. Then I’m gonna go to Sappyfest in Sackville, New Brunswick. Let’s hang out! I’m so incredibly stoked to be spending my summertime on the East Coast.

I’m tabling at the anarchist bookfair. The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair is happening May 19th – 20th (Facebook event here). Please come!

Getting back to real life. I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I got back from my visits to NYC and Chicago. I had an absolute blast and am already anticipating next year’s adventures. Since then, I’ve mostly been hangin’ with friends, riding my bike, dumpstering lots, planning the Fight Boredom Zine Residency, bla bla bla. In case you wonder why I don’t update my blog anymore, the short version is that I’m scared of becoming an Internet Persona instead of a Real Life Person, and I’m too busy living the punk rock dream to spend my time in front of the computer anyway. Hey, check out the video below, it’s full of zinester babes from the 2012 Chicago Zine Fest. My silly face makes an appearance at 2:25. Happy Sunday!

17 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Caffeine High

  1. All of this is super rad! OMG yay for starting a new zine series. So stoked for that. And I totally hear you about not updating yr blog. I’ve began getting weird funx about Internet Personalities as well lately! it’s getting to be detrimental to my writing, i find! I’m so happy it’s spring and i can sit under trees and go on rambly walks again. Anywaysss have an awesome week!

  2. amber dearest will be a fun one to address.

    super glad you posted the chicago zine fest video.
    starts off with a grand rapids pal & ends with my bff
    jess’ sweet & friendly voice. i’m glad it happens, so that i may
    attend another time. ohhh, going to try and push that
    disappointment out of my head.

    hope you’re well!

  3. I think I’ll be at Sappyfest too! It’s my favourite. Can we hang out? Seriously. I am jealous that you and Julia got to meet! Maybe I’ll try to talk her into coming along too…

  4. Oh so fun about Halifax! Exciting! I’m really glad you are doing that. My friend Thesis/James did that residency.
    Also – I will be at that bookfair in Montreal. Rosie will be there and Jesse is playing a show that weekend in Montreal and Jesse’s best friend Audra will be in Montreal for her boyfriend’s show, so there are people coming together from Ottawa, Halifax & Toronto all to be in Montreal and be a family that weekend and play hip-hop and industrial shows. (Kinetik fest & One-Man Band fest)

    I’m so glad for you that you are living the punk rock dream.

    I look at that picture of you sitting by the beach and you are just heart-stoppingly beautiful.

    I never really learned what your real last name. Dearest it is.

    • Seriously, I’m so excited for this residency. Okay, I’m a little bit stressed about writing (I’m really bad with deadlines and stuff), but I can’t wait to hang around the city and make new friends and throw a launch party and hopefully maybe make it to the ocean!

      We’re finally going to meet! That weekend is going to be hectic and adventurous, I can’t wait to see you.

  5. okay i’m going to Chicago next year. so much man-harem material YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.

    Q: why can’t zinesters look directly into the camera?
    A: orange you glad I didn’t say “because they’re lesbians?”


    • Omg, the thing you wrote in your zine about your man-harem is the best thing ever. Your life is gonna rule so hard.

      When those people were going around filming, they were doing ten second clips, but they told a lot of people they were taking pictures, even though they weren’t. It was awkward! I wish they’d left in the part where I stuck out my tongue.

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