Fight Boredom Zine Residency 2012

Hello readers! I’ve been working on a new project. Inspired by the zine residency at the Roberts Street Social Centre in Halifax, I’ve decided to create my own right here in Montréal. I’ll be accepting three residents this year – likely in the months of June, August and September. Dates are negotiable, as is the possibility of travel funds. Basically, you’ll be living with me for two weeks and makin’ a zine! At the end of your stay, we’ll throw a rad event together. Details are posted below, as well as at this page. Just copy and paste the info, and send it to me either in a Word file, or in the body of an email. Deadline for applications is May 1st, 2012. If you have any questions, please feel free to post a comment.

My bedroom wall, with some of my favourite zines.

FIGHT BOREDOM ZINE RESIDENCY (Deadline for applications: May 1st 2012)

About The Residency: The Fight Boredom Zine Residency was inspired by and modelled after the zine residency that takes place at the Roberts Street Social Centre / Anchor Archive in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. After years of traveling to various cities for zinefests and the like, I want to invite far-away zinesters to explore and create in my home base of Montréal, Québec.

How It Works: For two weeks, you will find yourself living at the Tulip Farm in beautiful Montréal, Québec. This is not a farm, but in fact an adorable two-bedroom apartment in the heart of St-Henri. You will be provided with a pullout couch, bedding, a small guide to gettin’ around and livin’ on the cheap in the city, plus a whole lotta zine supplies (I have basic craft supplies like paper, scissors and glue, as well as numerous typewriters). You’re encouraged to bring anything you feel you may need. Although we may be able to provide you with a small stipend for travel costs, you will be responsible for things like meals and public transportation – but don’t worry, we like to share food and we can probably find an extra bike. [Edit to add: Funding has been confirmed and will amount to $500 per participant, to be put toward travel costs, zine supplies and the final launch party. Receipts must be saved, and any remaining funds will be donated the to the Ste-Émilie Skillshare. Thank you very much to the Union for Gender Empowerment!]

You’ll be living with Amber Dearest, author of Culture Slut and proprietor of Fight Boredom Distro – a pink-haired weirdo who loves picnics, karaoke and scathing critiques of the world around her, as well as Stefanie Canadia, a longtime zinester and artist, who loves animals and is punk as fuck. It’s a veggie household and we’d prefer to keep meat outta here. While neither of us consumes alcohol, you’re welcome to – just don’t be a jerk. Also, you cannot smoke in here! That’s gross.

During these two weeks, you’ll be working on your project with the goal of finishing it on time for a launch party. But, we want you to get out and have fun, too! We’ll show you around the city and make sure you feel comfortable, plus you’ll have access to the Ste-Émilie Skillshare, which is only a five-minute walk away from the Tulip Farm and includes a screenprinting studio, a black-and-white darkroom, sewing machines, craft supplies and a workshop / gallery space. Other nearby goodies include a grocery store, a post office, a basement venue, parks, the Lachine Canal, the Atwater Market, and a 24-hour diner with the best, cheapest, and greasiest fries in the city.

Please note: The Tulip Farm and the Ste-Émilie Skillshare are both located in second-floor apartments and are, regrettably, not wheelchair accessible. There is a friendly cat named Sebastian who lives at the Tulip Farm, so you will ideally not have allergies. There are nearby train tracks, and while we love the sound (and imagined adventures!) of trains passing by, you may not. The Tulip Farm is only a two-minute walk from the metro, which means the rest of the city is basically at your fingertips. Please read the Ste-Émilie Skillshare’s mandate here and Fight Boredom Distro’s submission guidelines here. Feel free to send any questions our way.

In a few sentences, please tell us about the project you’d like to work on during your stay.

Can you give us a brief timeline of your project? What would you like to accomplish during your stay? What is the goal of your project? How do you imagine the finished project? Feel free to include as many details as you’d like.

In the end, we’d like for you to host a launch party for your project, and / or a skillshare / workshop. Please tell us about some ideas and themes you might have for the final event.

Tell us about projects that you’ve worked on in the past. This can include zines, crafts, volunteer efforts, activist organizing, et cetera. Feel free to include your bio here.

What attracted you to the Fight Boredom Zine Residency?

How does your project fall within the Ste-Émilie Skillshare’s mandate, and within Fight Boredom Distro’s submission guidelines?

Residencies happen during two-week blocks in June, August, and September. Are there any particular dates that you’d prefer, or would you rather we choose? We’re flexible.

Amber Dearest / Fight Boredom Distro
344 rue St-Ferdinand
Montréal, Québec
H4C 2S8 Canada
amber.norrean @

15 thoughts on “Fight Boredom Zine Residency 2012

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      • ahhh! i am punishing myself now. i just wrote this off because i figured it would be too much money to get there and on top of that i wouldn’t be able to use food stamps in canada… i missed the bit about possibly getting some funding. damn it! two weeks of food is not much. one good dumpster find could cover most of that. gah! my mistake.

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  3. this is inspiring and awesome – I didn’t know about the zine residency in hallifax either so this is all kinds of new and delightful. do you mind if I link to this?

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