Fight Boredom Distro Is Back!

After three weeks of traveling, and tabling at both the NYC Feminist Zinefest and the Chicago Zine Fest, I’m finally home. I’ve added a whole lotta zines to the catalogue, and there are even more on the way. Please click the ‘News’ tab above for all kinds of updates, including a list of events that I’ll be tabling at over the coming months.

Maranda Elizabeth (Telegram), myself, and Bri (Motor City Kitty). Photo by Meredith Wallace. Chicago Zine Fest forever!

I’ve just added All I Want Is Everything #3, Motor City Kitty #17-18, All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues, Reimagining Queer Community: A Perzine, Not ‘Queer’ As In ‘Radical’ But ‘Lesbian’ As In Fuck You, So This Is What It’s Come To…: A Zine About The Trials And Tribulations Of OkCupid and Mend My Dress: Collected Zines 2005-2007 to the catalogue.

Restocks include Bananarchy Now!, Pinch Kid #1, Get Fit For The Pit #1 and Telegram #22.

Zines soon to be added include Show & Tell #6 – #9, Doris #29, Real Life: A Magical Guide To Getting Off The Internet, Telegram #24-25, Echo Echo #9, Ker-Bloom, Unicornzine and FIT: A Zine About Sports, Fatness, Feminism & Disability. For more information on how to submit your own zine for distro consideration, click on the ‘Submit Your Zines’ tab above. Alongside the usual, I’m especially interested in zines about quitting drinking, zines about sex work, zines about living on the cheap, perzines that make you feel hopeful, and zines that were created in Canada or Québec, written in both English and French. Please send recommendations my way!

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