Hello January, Hello New Year!

Green tea and zines at Caffè Mariani.

Dear friends, I have so much to say.

We’re already eleven days into the New Year and I’ve been feeling pretty inspired and optimistic – as I do with all sorts of fresh starts. I’ve found myself out of the house, exploring the neighbourhood and adventuring with friends every day this year. Although I’m falling behind, I’ve been participating in Fun-A-Day Montréal, by writing letters everyday and working on several zines. In fact, I’m co-organizing the event with a friend, though I must admit that deciding to throw an event during the holidays and while moving into a new apartment was a little ambitious on my part, and I didn’t get to put nearly as much effort or promotion into it as I’d have liked to. So let’s call this a pratice run for next year.

A gift from Julia in Quebec City.

Lists, lists, lists. My resolutions this year are to learn how to approach people and be more sociable, to stay sober, to travel lots, to write reviews of every book I read, and to simply make things happen. So far, so good.

I’m planning a lot of trips this year. I’ll be tabling at the NYC Feminist Zinefest on February 25th and I would love to see some friendly faces there. I don’t know a lotta people in the city, but I’ll be traveling with my twin and possibly a couple of friends. Got a place for us to crash? Get in touch. I’m pretty stoked about the idea of a feminist-themed zine event and the organizers seem like really great people who understand how important it is to keep zines accessible – the event is free and it only costs five dollars to table! Here’s a little profile of me on their site.

I’ve also just begun my year-long Pizza Date project, which you can read about here and keep up to date on via Facebook. My first date of the year was last weekend. Tiffany and I went to Super Pointe on Ste-Catherine. The pizza is pretty mediocre, but we had a great time exchanging records, zines, patches and trinkets, listening to Bratmobile and The Ambulars, and talkin’ about Courtney Love and stuff. It was pretty dreamy.

In March, I’ll be tabling at the Chicago Zine Fest, which is always the highlight of my year. I’ve dedicated ten whole days to my visit this year. Gonna get tattooed by Alana Robbie (again), have a pizza date with the South Side Letter-Writing Club, take a million pictures in the black-and-white photobooths… Wanna hang out with me and show me around? I’d like to see your favourite thrift shops and secret hideouts in the city.

And if I can swing another trip, I’ve been asked to participate in a zine reading at Food For Thought Books Collective in late-April, and word has it that there’s going to be a zinefest in Amherst. Hello, Massachusetts!

That said, I’m on the hunt for new zines for the distro. You know that I like zines by queers and feminists, but I’m especially interested in zines about quitting drinking, zines about sex work, zines about living on the cheap, perzines that make you feel hopeful, and zines that were created in Canada or Québec. I’ll accept material written in English et en français. If you’ve got a zine that you think would fit well with the catalogue, please send along a copy for consideration – or if you simply have recommendations of other zines you’d like to see stocked, let me know!

I’ve recently added Dig Deep #3 / Your Secretary #10, Bring On The Dancing Horses and Sassyfrass Circus #6 and #7 to the catalogue. Many more are soon to come!

Your Secretary #10 / Dig Deep #3

Please note that I have a new mailing address:

Amber Forrester
344 rue St-Ferdinand
Montréal, Québec
H4C 2S8 Canada

I’d like to write recaps of Expozine, my trip to Halifax and fun stuff like that, but have not yet found the time. You know how I always give myself too many projects to work on at once. ‘Til next time!

10 thoughts on “Hello January, Hello New Year!

  1. inspiring posts, indeed!

    i have been back and forth about whether i’ll actually go to the nyc feminist zine fest. it seems kinda silly to take five days off work (the way my bus trip worked out) to attend a one day fest. especially when i’ve gotta take five days off two weeks later for czf, plus i’ll be spending a bit on a tattoo at czf. but so many wonderful people will be in nyc! all of whom may not be at czf. conflicted :/

    also, what day do you get to chicago and what day do you leave? are you and maranda staying with heather again?

    • I’ll be in Chicago from March 2nd – 12th, staying with Heather from the 7th on. Not yet sure where I’ll stay for the first part of the trip, but something will work itself out. It’d be nice to see you in NYC too, but obvs not if it’s too stressful / impossible. So much travel! So many buses!

      • i can ask if anyone i know has space for you any time between the 2nd and 7th if you’re having trouble finding a place. i was considering asking heather if i could stay with her, too, but i don’t wanna be a burden if she’s already got a bunch of people. i’m sure i could stay with ash again. i just remember his place was a little ways out of the way from all the fest happenings.

        and yea, i’m thinking i may skip nyc. there’s a few people who will be there and not CZF which bums me out, but i just dunno that i can take all that time off work. at least i’ll see you in chicago!! and who knows, maybe i’ll still figure out a way to come to nyc.

  2. I like your resolutions. I know being sociable is still pretty hard for me, and I’ve been trying to do more in the vein of making things happen this year too.

    You’ve got some exciting stuff on the table though.

    • Yeah, I don’t know how it worked out this way but it’s already shaping up to be a super busy year. Fun times!

      I’m a total awkward weirdo but I’m getting better at the social thing… I think.

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