Halifax Readers, Listen Up!

Hi, friends! Just hangin' at the Union for Gender Empowerment, same as every Wednesday afternoon.

I’m going to be in Halifax, Nova Scotia from December 15th – 23rd. Totally on a whim. As usual, I haven’t made any real plans yet, but I’m looking forward to spending some time at the Roberts Street Social Centre, meeting up with a few pen pals, and having Brad show me all the best pizza. And maybe crashing on your couch? Seriously, get in touch.

Anyway, if you currently reside in Halifax, now would be a really awesome time to place an order with Fight Boredom Distro and avoid the cost of postage. You can just email me a list of zines you’d like (or comment on this entry), then pay me immediately via Paypal, or with cash in person. I’d be really happy to bring a stack of zines your way! And to go out for tea! Please note that some of the zines say ‘temporarily out of stock’ next to the titles; they will be re-stocked in the New Year. Listed below are some new titles that were just added to the catalogue this week and come highly recommended. Just click on the ‘How To Order’ tab above for more details. The entire catalogue is listed above in alphabetical order.

Bring On The Dancing Horses
This is the kind of perzine that ought to be savoured over several sittings, then read and re-read. Named for one of the best songs that came out during the year I was born, and containing sixty-something half-size pages of beautifully-written non-fiction about long-distance bike trips and a month-long stay at New York City’s Bowery Manor squat, Bring On The Dancing Horses is a zine about travel, love and anarchy. Might sound cliché, I know, but Shaun possesses excellent storytelling skills and manages to describe his life and politics in a way that is intelligent, thoughtful and endearing. In writing about relationships, he says, “I’ve heard friends say they’ve never felt love like that first love. I don’t know how to respond. I only know that mine become more intense with each successive burst,” a feeling that I can completely relate to. I’ll be honest, I let myself get lost in this zine for a week or so, and it’s one of numerous recent events that has really made me re-think the kind of life that I’m living. Highly recommended.

Culture Slut #25
This is the latest issue of Culture Slut. I write about heartbreak, Patti Smith, quitting drinking, participating in research studies for cash, an obsession with knuckle tattoos, and life in Montréal. Cut-and-paste, quarter-size, 30 pages. Please read it in a safe space; I had a rough year.

Hungry: A (Re)collection of Memorable Meals & Disordered Eating
What a wonderful zine from Clara, whom you may know from Little Gardens For Invalids and I’ve Got Strange Powers. Although illustration is her main means of expression, this zine is one of her more text-heavy efforts. Completed during a two-week residency at the Roberts Street Social Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Hungry chronicles memories of meals throughout her life – documents of disordered eating (consider this your trigger warning) as well as moments shared with friends and past lovers. It’s beautiful and unique and absolutely worth a look.

Pinch Kid #1
I seriously can’t get enough of this zine. Kit has a way with cut-and-paste and does some pretty adorable illustratin’ as well. With a combination of some vintage typewriting and neat handwriting, Kit expounds upon their recent “deconversion” from Christianity and a newfound love of science (“Drugs or religion aren’t needed to walk through the park in awe of how much we have in common with the organisms around me; all I need is a basic knowledge of biology!”), living with integrity inside and outside of the “queer community”, body dysmorphia and experiences of anti-trans bigotry, confronting racism in oneself and a whole lot more. Kit asks a lot of questions in this zine, and it feels like the beginning of a really excellent conversation.

Root #6
First of all, this is one of the most amazing zine covers I’ve ever seen. Talk about eye-catching! In this issue, Sarah writes about her love of bicycles and a burgeoning interest in long-distance bicycling. She writes about creating the Brevets Cycling Club, designed to be welcome to cyclists of varying skills levels, and going on bike trips with these lovely people. Pages are alternately black-and-white and full-colour and feature photographs, maps and some nice cut-and-paste work. Adventure time!

Telegram Ma’am #23
“Of course the past can never change, we hear that so often we don’t really think about it anymore. But what if you did think about it? Like, right now? Everything that has happened up to this moment absolutely cannot be changed no matter what.” This appears on the last page of this issue and has had quite an affect on me. I am learning to finally let things go. Maranda’s writing is often strong, honest and profound, and this is no exception. This issue covers a two-month stay at a mental health institution, a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, radical sobriety, identifying as genderqueer / genderless, their Be Your Own Therapist project and more. Featuring cover art by Clara Bee Lavery. I really can’t recommend it enough.

Root #6 by Sarah Evans, a new addition to Fight Boredom Distro.

3 thoughts on “Halifax Readers, Listen Up!

  1. Hey Amber,

    I’m living in Halifax, and would love to get together to buy some zines/patches and talk about making them (I’ve just started making my own) I’m leaving the 17th for Toronto for a few weeks and if you needed a place to stay I have a quaint and cute bachelorette pad that you are more than welcome to stay at. I think it’d be swell to hang out and talk about neat things.


  2. If you’re interested in social games, food and wine, and don’t have any plans for Sunday evening, I host a games night in Halifax that you’d be welcome to attend. It’s a casual, welcoming event and you can learn more at http://www.facebook.com/events/325327854149226/ . Maybe it’s a bit odd to have a stranger who reads your blog invite you like this, but I thought I’d reach out in case it’s something you’d be into.

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