The First Snow & Adventures In Zine Organization

I went to bed at 2:45 in the morning and woke up four hours later to the first real snow of the season. And it didn’t bother me at all. I am slowly unlearning my hatred of the winter and trying to look at it in a more positive manner. Preparing yet another winter survival strategy – this year, it means planning a week-long trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia as well as a visit to my hometown to see my family, looking for a new apartment in Montréal, working on zines and teaching myself to play the ukulele. Today has been really hectic and it’s only halfway over. I was out of the house shortly after sunrise, and on the metro toward Parc-Extension, where I went for a blood test as part of a pharmaceutical study that I’m participating in. Afterward, I finally sat down to respond to some emails that had been sitting in my inbox for over a month. Honestly, I don’t really enjoy writing emails and people are likely to get a speedier (and more thoughtful) response if they send me snail mail. Just sayin’. Afterward, I was off to another study at the Montreal Neurological Institute, then I grabbed a couple of slices of pizza and settled in for an afternoon of staffing at the Union For Gender Empowerment. Have since been drinking green tea, listening to this mix of 1960s girl groups posted on Rookie and trying to get some things prepared for Expozine this weekend. (Facebook event here). The boots that I thrifted for eight bucks have been keeping my feet warm and dry. Score.

Still left to do: Stop by Vincent’s to pick up a drawing that he’s contributing to Culture Slut #25, go to the Ste-Émilie Skillshare to edit and print some photos, pick up Maranda and Yaz at the bus terminal, grab some dinner and perhaps head to Jesse‘s craft night if I’m not too exhausted. Long day, and pretty typical, actually. In case you ever wondered why you never see me, or why I don’t update my blog so much anymore.

Something else I’ve been up to: Re-organizing my zines! Maybe one day I’ll even count them, but for the time being, they are at least in alphabetical order. I’m considering donating a large portion of them to the zine library at the Union For Gender Empowerment (as part of what I want to do here involves expanding and promoting the zine library, as well as getting my letter-writing club going again and other such things). I’ve already donated about twenty-five of my books. Lately, I’ve been feeling strange about hoarding all of these fantastic things away in my bedroom where no one gets to see them but me (and others who occasionally spend time in my bedroom, wink-wink). Besides, I’d like to move to a new apartment soon and this’ll give me a couple of crates less to carry with me.

My bedroom floor.

Sebastian has always loved zines.

Never-ending stacks of zines.

8 Letters: A zine about knuckle tattoos.

Does anybody have contact info for Johnny who does the zine 8 Letters? I’d like to distro it, but his NYC mailing address is no longer valid and I don’t have any other info.

Zine books!

How do you store your zines? Do you think you’d ever be able to part with your collection?

9 thoughts on “The First Snow & Adventures In Zine Organization

  1. I have my collection down to the ones that I love – I send out ones that I can part with to my penpals in packages. But I don’t know what I would do if I had as big of a collection as you – I keep all of my zines on my bookshelf with the rest of my books!

  2. i see a rather old issue of mck in there! eek! i hope you’re the only person with a copy of any of those haha. are yours just stored in shoe boxes or is that just for organizing?

    my zines are also organized alphabetically. well, i have two milk crates with the “main” collection, and those are alphabetized. then i have a wicker basket (about the same size as a milk crate) that holds my favorites. those are organized by author and then alphabetized (so like, all of your culture sluts come before the fight boredoms, but doris wouldn’t go in between because those are cindy’s!) and THEN i have two small shoe box sized plastic organization bins which hold all my quarter sized or smaller zines, and those are also alphabetized (i think one box is #-K and then L-Z). i’ve found it really easy to move with this setup, too, because you can just pick the crates up by their handles, and the shoe box sized ones fit right inside the crates.

    sometimes i think about donating a good chunk of my collection, especially as i’ve not read many of them in years. but i don’t think i’m quite ready to part ways.

    well, that was much longer than i meant to write!

    • I tried to store my collection according to size. But then you get some people who do A5 size zines, and then a few quarter sized. Arghh! So now I just put them all in one box.

  3. As I’m fairly new to zines, I’ve only got a small collection. I sorted them just yesterday, funnily enough, with the help of two floofy cats. (Cats are drawn to zines! Your Sebastian looks like he prefers serious, literary zines.) As EmmaJane sent me a big envelope full, I now have 220 zines in all. Mind you, that doesn’t include the boxes and boxes and boxes of SF fanzines and apazines I have in the shed!

  4. Oh no, oh no, I think I´m in love with you! I´m a graphic designer currently living in Vienna and it´s my dream to make small crafting and inspirational e-books and zines! <3 This site is SUCH an inspiration!!! Thanks so much for putting all the information together. You are lovely, your videos are lovely. You´re a very amazing person.



  5. I found little crates to store my (smaller) zines in and I have corrugated cardboard squares between ascending letters/letter groups…kind of like old record shops used to do. You can see the crates here: I’ve also created an Excel spreadsheet listing all of the zines I have for quick reference. I have a horrible memory and have accidentally ordered the same zine more than once because of it. Having a digital list helps to be able to glance at quickly in case I forget. I can also easily see how many zines I have – it says 286, but I know I have a few more than that which haven’t been entered. I’m a pretty big nerd like that, though, and also have a spreadsheet for library books I’ve checked out, and want to remember after I return them – especially if I didn’t get a chance to read/finish them.

    One of the things that I have a hard time with is deciding if I want to list them all alphabetically or by creator, but that gets weird if there are split zines and such. So, mostly I organize them alphabetically, but I have a separate handful of folders in my file cabinet for my absolute favorite zine creators, which may have different titles and therefore won’t group together in an alphabetical system. I also have a separate file for full size/oversize zines since they don’t fit in the little crates.

    Also, I hope you find Johnny, because I never got an issue of 8 Letters #2 and would love so much to find one. I’ll have my fingers crossed. :)

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