Let’s Eat Pizza And Make Out

Pizza Time (All The Time): Patch made by Izzy Jarvis, photo by Vincent Wilde.

Pizza Date is a new zine by Amber Forrester of perzine Culture Slut, and Fight Boredom Distro.

The goal is to go to a different pizza place with a (platonic or not) date once a week throughout the year 2012, then write a review of the pizza. At the end of the year, reviews and cute date stories will be compiled into a zine.

The Facebook page (please click ‘like’!) will be used to provide updates on the project, as well as to solicit suggestions on good pizza in various cities, favourite recipes and other pizza-and-date-related fun times.

You can also ask me out on a date via this page, or comment on this post.

Vegan dates welcome!

Pizza Date: My bestie took this photo at a tasty pizza place on Sherbrooke. Yum!

13 thoughts on “Let’s Eat Pizza And Make Out

  1. this project is one of my new favorite things… the only 2 foods I’ve missed since going vegan with are Almond Hershey’s bars and pizza (3 years is too long to go with out pizza when will science make fake cheese that doesn’t taste like saran wrap… WHEN SCIENCE WHEEEENNN!!!)… also who don’t love the makin outz

  2. I’m definitely gonna need to have that zine. That’s such an awesome idea!
    I wish there were more tasty vegan pizza options (without having to do the work yourself that is) to have a date at…

    Btw: Thank you so much for your letter! I just got it yesterday – a bit late because I moved to Germany in September and it still went to my mum’s address (must have missed it very closely). However, she forwarded it with her letter. :) Is your address still the same? (just to be on the safe side…)

  3. Mmmm, I love pizza! Had some very nice pizza last week in Barcelona. (And end swank!) They tend to want to put poached eggs on their pizzas though! I’ll be looking forward to your pizza zine.

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