Video Zine Review #2: The Twin Survey

In the second installation of Fight Boredom Video Zine Reviews, Maranda Elizabeth joins me for a discussion of The Twin Survey by Amber Gayle. She and twin sister Stacey make zines under the Evil Twin Publications name. If you know of any other twins who make zines (or if you are one!), please get in touch ‘coz we sure do love reading about these things.

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One thought on “Video Zine Review #2: The Twin Survey

  1. It was lovely to see you both and hear your voices. You actually sound alike! And it was so funny hearing Sebastian getting more and more cross that no one would open the door for him! Cats!

    I wonder if twins are closer than non-twin siblings because they are the same age and often have the same experiences, as children at least. My sister is two and a half years younger than me, and she had different experiences of being our parents’ child. We used to have to dress alike when we were children, and I hated it. I felt that my parents didn’t see me as a different person and yet they confusedly expected me to act “older” than I was. Other people treated us as one person too. Which is odd when you think that we were not twins and not at all alike anyway.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed the zine review. .

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