The First Day Of October

A few nights ago, I attended a reading by Jeff Miller of Ghost Pine and Cindy Crabb of Doris. They had the Cagibi packed, and I sat up front with an attentive ear and a cup of green tea, surrounded by some of my favourite people. Cindy’s new book, The Encyclopedia of Doris has just been released and she’s currently promoting it on tour – this was apparently her first time in Canada. She began by reading a piece on why she started making zines in the first place, then went into discussions of topics that make frequent appearances in her zines – love, anarchy, healing… The book contains issues #19 – #27 of Doris, as well as interviews, columns and newly-published content. Over three-hundred pages of sweet perzine writing. I have a few copies available through Fight Boredom Distro, just click on the ‘Zines A-G’ tab above. Check out the rest of her tour dates here.

Fight Boredom à la foire des arts au Café Touski.

I just made a list of lists that I wanna make.

At the beginning of September, I’d told myself to make a list of goals for the month and work hard toward accomplishing them. It didn’t happen. I don’t know what happened. September is a bit of a scary month for me. I love autumn, but I feel that I am never truly able to enjoy it, simply because I know that the winter is coming. The fear has been instilled in me. I’ve been a bit of homebody these days, doing things like working on my zine, learning to play the ukulele (and sewing sequins onto the case), making big pots of vegan rice pudding, organizing and re-organizing my belongings, and writing letters (as always). I’ve still made it out to a few shows and tabled at a craft fair, plus I’ve been going to a pro-choice support demo near-daily. If you’re in Montréal, you should consider stopping by and showing your support. It’s happening from 5-7pm on weekdays and noon-5pm on weekends, at the corner of St-Laurent and St-Joseph. But mostly I’ve stayed indoors, inviting friends over for tea now and then. I’m broke and so is my bike.

My zine wall: I finally hung some of my favourite zines! All you need is nails, string and clothes pins.

I woke up this morning to grey skies and rain, yet somehow couldn’t have been happier. I’d stayed up ’til five in the morning simply writing writing writing and have continued today. The weather comforts me when it calls for cuffed jeans and a hoodie (or wool tights and a cardigan).

Pumpkin ale at Parc Mont-Royal: Celebrating the beginning of autumn. Though I've since quit drinking (again).

October is not such a scary time. It’s my birthday month! I was born on October 16th and share my birthday with Oscar Wilde, Nico and of course, my twin. Let me tell you something: I’ve decided to celebrate my birthday all month long. I’m determined to stay happy and motivated and focused. I’ve got a lotta projects to work on, mostly of the zine variety. But get this – Maranda just completed their very first novel, and I’m spending the next couple of weeks proofreading and editing it. I’m really proud of them, and totally looking forward to digging in with the red pen that they sent along. How amazing to be reading a novel written by someone that I know and love.

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4 thoughts on “The First Day Of October

  1. J’aime tes posts, ils me poussent à être plus optimiste et profiter des petites choses de la vie de manière tranquille et gai! Aujourd’hui j’ai passé un ”AMber day”, juste decorer ma chambre, boire des litres de thé et peindre! Je prepare ma transformation en ermite creatif hivernal :)
    Moi aussi j’arrête de boire comme occupation principale. Il faut qu’on se voye bientot pour prendre le thé. Quand es tu libre?

  2. I feel the same way about autumn. The colors are amazing (especially in New Brunswick…I kind of feel like that’s the main redeeming aspect of living in this too-small economically-imperiled province) and I just want to go outside and take pictures, but there’s also a sense of dread that it’s all going to be white, cold and slippery soon.

    Even though you weren’t able to get around to it, you’ve actually made me want to start a list of my own goals and work hard toward accomplishing them. Hope that counts for something

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